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Connect CPD provides a space for the restorative community to sharpen their skills while connecting with others. With the ever changing landscape of restorative practice, honing your professional practice is even more important. CPD is integral to keeping your knowledge and skills up to date to ensure that you continue to provide high-quality, safe and effective restorative interventions. 

Why choose Connect CPD? 

Connect CPD has been carefully developed to enhance your skills, challenge thinking and keep you informed of the latest developments across the restorative sector. Our CPD events are aligned with the RJC's Registered Practitioner Frameworks and have been designed to support you progress through our Registration Levels. 

Connect CPD events which have been designed and delivered by the RJC will be offered to our Registered Practitioners, Service Providers and Organisations either free of charge or at a heavily discounted rate. Members of the RJC who are not registered, will still benefit from reduced fee's where these apply. 

Connect CPD events will be delivered by highly skilled and experienced specialists from across the restorative sector. Where we invite, commission or approve external CPD providers, you can be assured that the event will have been rigorously vetted against our standards before being awarded Approved CPD status. 

Upon completion of your Connect CPD event we will provide you with a certificate of attendance and, for our registered practitioner, completion of Connect CPD event will count towards your annual Registration CPD requirements.

How do I know if a CPD event has been RJC Approved? 

CPD events which have been approved by the RJC will display the Connect CPD logo along with a Unique Identification Number. 

If you are unsure if a course is approved, you can check with our Standards Team by simply providing the UIN number of the course using the link below:


Where can I find Connect CPD events?

All Connect CPD events will be listed on our events and course page regardless of whether it is delivered by the RJC or by an RJC approved provider. All Connect CPD events will be listed with our CPD logo and issued with Unique Identification number. 

We'll provide updates on Connect CPD events in our monthly bulletin which you can sign up for HERE.

Connect CPD approval for non-RJC events

The RJC will be providing the opportunity for external CPD events to be approved as a Connect CPD activity. Approval is awarded for single events, for courses which run on a regular basis you should consider applying to become a Registered Training Provider with Course Approval. You can find out more about becoming registered with the RJC HERE.

Connect CPD events which are approved by the RJC will be listed on our website. Upon confirmation of completion of the event, we will provide your delegates with a Connect CPD certificate of attendance. 

What are the costs for having our event approved?

Our Registered Training Providers can apply to have single CPD events approved at a cost of £36.00 (including VAT) per event. 

[COMING SOON] Non-Registered training providers or other organisations can apply to have single events approved at a cost of £84.00 (including VAT) per event.

Please note, Connect CPD approval only applies to single events, if you would like to apply for approval for events which run multiple times, please CONTACT US to discuss our Registered Training Provider and Course Approval process.

Find out more about becoming registered with the RJC 



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