Case Study Template

The RJC is looking for case studies from the UK and internationally that illustrate the impact restorative practice can have. Many of those currently available on its website are quite old, and we are looking to update them with more recent examples of work done in the last three years.

RJC Guidance Documents

The Restorative Justice Council (RJC) has produced resources that underpin and inform our Registration Frameworks and support the delivery of high quality restorative practice. 

Monthly Bulletin - February 2023

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Restorative Justice in the Magistrates Court

This publication has been developed by the Restorative Justice Council as an introduction to restorative justice in cases involving defendants / offenders aged 18 and over in courts in England and Wales.

Restorative Justice Mock Facilitation Demonstration

Monthly Bulletin - January 2023

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Resolution #73 Winter 2023

Download issue #73 of our Resolution magazine

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A Discourse on Restorative Practice — Participants’ Views of a Divergent Ideology

This study is a discourse on restorative practice as a divergent epistemological ideology.

If there is trauma, there will have been harm. We need to attend to it...

In this inteview, BPS Editor Jon Sutton meets Dr Gerard Drennan to hear about his work in restorative justice, in forensic and mental health settings.

Monthly Bulletin - December 2022

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