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Our campaigns aim to support those in the field to build on their capacity whilst raising public awareness and confidence in restorative practice.

The RJC is the independent third sector membership body for the field of restorative practice. We set and champion clear standards for restorative practice as well as being the national voice advocating the widespread use of all forms of restorative practice, including restorative justice. The RJC’s vision is of a society where high quality restorative practice is available to all.

Our current campaigns focus on building supportive and cohesive restorative communities.

Stronger Together

The RJC's aim is to build an international network of restorative practitioners, organisations and individuals to share practice, learn from each other and together, create......


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Creating Restorative Communities

Our current situation provides us with a unique opportunity to better understand the societal impact of Covid-19. From a restorative justice perspective, it restructures our understanding of harm. It is inevitable that individuals and communities will face unprecedented distress, uncertainty and harm throughout this crisis; from the frontline staff to those who have suffered bereavement. Restorative justice offers a platform to acknowledge impact, have an opportunity to ask questions and, where needed, repair and build relationships through a supportive, cohesive and collective restorative response.

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Your support will help us to:

  • Campaign for the widespread use of restorative justice in the criminal justice system, in schools, in the workplace and elsewhere in the community in situations where conflict may arise.
  • Fund activities which raise the profile of restorative justice in the media and with the public.
  • Develop and promote agreed standards and principles for evaluating and guiding restorative practice.
  • Advance education and research on restorative justice and the publication of the useful results of that research.

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